Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

Unleash Your Inner RockstarUnleash Your Inner RockstarUnleash Your Inner Rockstar

You're our next lead singer!


Sing your favorite songs with a band.  All singing levels welcome. No experience required. Live band karaoke is a judgement free zone!

VALENTine's day lIVe band karaoke

 Whether you think LOVE STINKS or LOVE ROCKS - we want to hear your drunk singing all about it.

how does live band karaoke work?

Meet Your New Bandmates


Your live band karaoke experience is backed up by anywhere from a 3 piece band to a 10 piece band, depending on our gig. Our musicians come from a variety of backgrounds including Grammy Nominated work,

involvement with local/international talent, producing, teaching, and more.

Rock Out with 250+ Songs


We offer a wide selection of songs from pop, alternative rock, hard rock, oldies, Broadway, Disney, R&B, hip hop, rap, country, & more. New songs are added to our list every month. Submit a song suggestion on our page & sign up for the mailing list for new song announcements.

You're the Missing Element


Karaoke comes to LIFE. Take your shower singing skills to another level with live band karaoke. Solo or with friends, sing your favorite songs & unleash your inner rockstar. All singing levels are welcomed, no experience is required. Live Band Karaoke is a judgement free zone!